The Project

DarkWolfArtwork is a nonprofit project launched in early 2016 to raise funds for wolf conservation efforts.

The aim of the project is to:

  • Provide unique artwork at a reasonable price.
  • Donate all profits to wolf conservation efforts.
  • Encourage the understanding of wolves by a wider audience.

The range of different themes and subjects is always growing, and new suggestions are always welcome. With more variety, hopefully new audiences can be reached, and the Wolf’s struggle for survival in the modern world will reach a few more ears yet. DarkWolfArtwork currently supports the work of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Reading.


The Artist

Born in England in 1992, R.T.W, aka Dark Wolf, became fascinated by canis lupus after a series of events led him to put aside dreams of a career in physics and follow a path which, ultimately, led to a fascination with wolves and the creation of the DarkWolfArtwork project.